NoBiz covers all the varied qualities of Musical Theatre including:

  • Street Dance/Hip Hop
  •  Modern Jazz
  •  Tap Dance/ Rhythm Tap
  •  Musical Theatre
  • Drama
  • Singing
  • Acro/Gymnastics
  • Lyrical/Contemporary
Our children range from 4 years to 24 years.
Our Musical Theatre classes are based on 2 hour sessions where all of the above is incorporated, this we feel is giving our pupils an all round training programme into the world of Musical Theatre.
Time Table of Classes
 Day                Class                                                                   Time                      Venue                                      
Monday          Street Dance/ Musical Theatre                          3.30-5.00pm            Harefield (St Marys Church Hall)
Wednesday   Hip Hop (Street) Squad Intermediate/
                      Advanced Class 12-18+years.                            6.00-8.00pm           Hillingdon (Meadow High School)
                      Performing Arts Class, all genres of Dance,     3.30-4.20pm             Bournemouth  (Bethany C 0f E Junior School)    
                      Musical Theatre, Singing, Drama, Tap                                
Thursday         Street Dance Beginners Ages 5 -12yrs             5.00-6.00pm          Hillingdon (Meadow High School)
                        Hip Hop (Street) Squad Class Under 14's               6.00 -7.30pm           Hillingdon (Meadow High School)
                        Performing Arts Class (All genres of dance
                       Musical Theatre, Singing & Drama 5-16 yrs       5.00-6.00pm          New Milton Memorial Centre
Friday             Performing Arts Class, All genres of dance/     5.30-7.30pm           Hillingdon (Meadow High School)
                       Musical Theatre, Singing & Drama 
Saturday          Musical Mania Singing Club  - All ages             9.15-10.15am      Hillingdon (Meadow High School)
                        Acro/Gymnastics  - All ages                              10.15-11.30am     Hillingdon (Meadow High School)
                         Tiny Tots Street Dance/Musical Theatre          11.30-12.30am     Hillingdon (Meadow High School)
                         Ages 4-7yrs
                         Performing Arts Class- Ages 9yrs -12yrs         12.30-2.30pm     Hillingdon (Meadow High School)
                         All genres of dance, Musical Theatre, Singing
                         Drama & Tap
                         Lyrical/Contemporary Squad Class  Beginners.  2.30-4.00pm       Hillingdon (Meadow High School)
                         Performing Arts Class - All Genres of dance   10.00-1.00pm     Bournemouth - Iford Scouts Hut
                         Musical Theatre, Singing, Drama &Tap            Iford Lane, BH6 5NE
NoBiz Protocols
  • Uniforms & correct footwear must be worn
  • We do not accept bullying and take this very seriously
  • Medication if needed must be brought to class
  • No chewing gum or food allowed whilst dancing, however water needs to be provided
  • Mobile phones need to be switched off in class
  • Any problems need to be reported to our Pupils Manager
  • We are covered by Public Liability
  • The Principals are both First Aiders
  • All No Biz like Show Biz teachers & helpers are CRB checked & follow the No Biz Protocols

  Prompt payment is required on a monthly basis. If not paid by the 3rd week a 10% charge will be incurred.  Classes need to be paid for even if pupil is absent.